Lake Lynx

Welcome to the official site of the Lake Lynx Trading Company!

Our motto: "With a Cog, you can go anywhere."

Lake Lynx is a loyal servant of the one true king, King Klugg.


Our stone shops have a wide assortment of shipped goods, which arrive on-line through or trade routes, and can be requested or reserved on-line before a ship departs. These may include anything from metal tools, exotic food and liquor, jewelry, or exotic weapons. An order must be personally placed with any captain of our ships you are able to locate in Edlenna, Potlen, Podenstahl or Unbraustadt. Special orders on the trading partners in the Great Bay may be placed at your own risk - the order maybe lost alongside the ship.


We are a company specialized in woodworks and carpentry first and foremost. Our factory furniture arrives folded, and may be assembled. In order to assemble a piece of Lake Lynx furniture that has been delivered, simply follow the visual steps depicted in the manual. If you are having trouble, a neighbor who can read and write should be able to help you with any detailed operations described therein. Our stone shops also sell luxurious products from our own workshops, which may be made on request. We offer additional carving, glazing, waterproof wood, artistic metalwork, and ultralight shelves of layered paper. When such a request is placed, you are entitled to ask for a few of our employees to visit your home, to ensure your product can be fit in, as well as have it delivered in one of our carts.

Lake Lynx sharply refuses any accussations of working with elfwood of Beuraben or Zedforst. Though such materials are available in the catalog at a high price, our lumber comes primarily from Nochlauch and Coulbaraigh. Any lumbering operations in such places may be treated as poaching by our employees.


If YOU work at Lake Lynx, these are some of the places you may visit!

The Burrows

The halflings produce much which makes our daily lives more pleasant. Seeds of rare plants, their tasteful batates, herbs, spices, earthenwork and porcelain. Unlike other countries, Rheulgard imposes no tarifs on the import of halfling weed.


The rural country of Kozlovnyy produces much which Rheulgard requires, primarily in way of metal. Additionally, we employ secondary workforce from this Vos country, required to protect our ships as they travel with lumber down the river, and so wealth and skill flow both ways.


Though a trading post for the most part, merchants of Tarva trade in many of the things a woman may need - jewelry, fabrics, and spices from the other side of the Burrows. Many a thing can be found in the vibrant and colorful marketplaces of Tarva.


Do you like HORSES!? The steeds from the local guilds are a highly luxurious companion of every squire and knight of Rheulgard. We are experimenting in employing horsepower in our economy also.[1]


Our Brecht neighbor is similar to Rheulgard in many ways, but its forests are hosts to many beasts, and the country is not landlocked. Thus many pelts, fangs, bones, and taxidermic materials can be obtained here. Go ahead and taste everything from simple dried wild pork, to the long-lasting salted fish of its coastal delta, which the Lake Lynx sell in long-preservative wraps of thin metal.[2]


Understandably, Muden is able to provide just about anything in its immense wealth. To us, however, its most important import is knowledge, which remains authentically Brecht. Muden primarily sells the culture which descends all the way from the Anuirean Empire. The students of its universities and the scribes of its monasteries work day and night to replicate books about history, poetry, religion, myth, and simple joyful adventurous fiction, all of which can be obtained through our guild.


The newly liberated barony of Grabentod can brag of a wealth of natural reserves. Their hunters sell us hides of the elusive Penguin bird, miners sell rare ores and gems, and there is much pine wood available if the local stock is unfit for some purpose.


The northern isles are a prospering community full of wealth. All kinds of jewelry, gold crafts and gems can be obtained through this trading route. The Lake Lynx are proud to announce that they have secured a deal which allows them to sail through the Bay unopposed.

[1] While it is, in theory, possible to order slaves from Aftane through our company, mind that this may not be socially accepted north of Unbraustadt.
[2] Please understand, however, that import from Treucht is a little difficult in these trying times.


Do YOU want to get started working at the Lake Lynx? You may as well start young!

The company employs craftsmen of all trades, but also provides full education to its current and future workers. It will provide the background required to read read, write, count without an abacus, and educate students on Rheulgard's history and other worldly matters, such as foreign langages, at a certain, small tution fee. Students who arrive older than ten years of age, and are able to demonstrate unnecessity of the initial course, or any children who finish the initial course in our school, will then be allowed to learn a trade from the teachers, including Lake Lynx's experienced workers, and they will receive a certificate of competence upon finishing their studies.

Tution need not be paid for children of the Lake Lynx's own workers, or those who can demonstrate themselves as their notable business partners. Additionally, since the schools are not yet built, the teacher positions are not yet set in stone either. As such, not only parents of future students, but also any person willing to teach, and able to demonstrate that they can, can apply themselves at the nearest office of the Lake Lynx, and they will be informed of the application process.

If you have any other questions, feel free to visit us as well.


Erika von Podenstahl

Guildmaster of northern branch, Headmaster

Potlen Guildhouse, Guildmaster's office

  • Mo 10-14:00
  • Tu 8 - 16:00
  • We -closed-
  • Th 10-14:00
  • Fr 8 - 16:00
  • Sa 6 - 10, 10:30-18:00
  • Su -closed-

Alternatively, leave mail at the reception.

Otto von Podenstahl

Guildmaster of southern branch

Potlen Guildhouse, mail only

Warning - may be abroad for months at a time

Wilhelm Staal

Superintendant, chief accountant, pedagogical consultant

Staal's Atelier, mail only

Do NOT throw business mail into personal mailbox!

If not available, secondary accountant will come pick up mail, but only business!!